timothy wei

Timothy Wei, aspiring product/ux designer

I am an interdisciplinary thinker, currently studying Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction @ UC San Diego.

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I believe good design...


Advances and improves with technology. Much like how a great tool is pointless if not used correctly, design's significance is in crafting meaningful experiences for users that unlocks technology's potentials.

Complements natural human behavior and doesn't offset it. Technology should be there to support us and allow us to become better humans.

Comes from deeper understanding. Much of the rationale for design should come from understanding user needs and psychology.

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Wimsi is an independent project that improves on the peer-to-peer used goods marketplace through design-thinking. Its innovation consists of three characteristics: a purely economical market, streamlined communication, and integration of payments systems.


Firewerx is a network home automation system that provides simplified control over users' home environments. This was an interface design project completed for a human factors - engineering psychology course.