Hi, I’m Tim!

Currently studying Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction @ UC San Diego. I’m also involved with a start-up based out of Taiwan that transforms healthcare with AI.


I conduct user research, analyze, and use data to think critically about problems.


I discuss ideas with anybody willing to listen and explore design challenges by interpreting the data from research and considering its alignment with today's technology. I also reflect on how solutions may affect human society by asking questions such as, "How do we design experiences the users need while encouraging them to be better humans and providing them with improved lifestyles?" Technology should complement natural human behavior and support us to become better people.


I communicate with developers, engineers, and stakeholders.


It is necessary to be able to work effectively with various team members not only to understand technical or administrative constraints, but also to build trust with each other so the entire team shares and works towards a common vision. The image to the left is one of my favorite examples of explaining communication in design. The grey in the center of both the top and bottom boxes is the same shade but it is seemingly a lighter shade when surrounded by a darker shade. A good designer understands differences and communicates ideas effectively so everyone has the same vision.


I design meaningful experiences and delightful interfaces.


I storyboard interactions, search for inspiration, and create interface solutions with tools like Sketch to make ideas and vision come to life. Interfaces are the links between users and technology. Much like how a tool is most useful only when used correctly, crafting beautiful and streamlined interactions allow users to unlock technology's full potential.


I create interactive prototypes with html/css/javascript, test, and iterate.


I make functional prototypes and learn from usability tests and heuristic evaluations to improve. By working directly on front-end development, I can also understand technical constraints.