Copy of about me

I am an interdisciplinary thinker, studying Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction @ UC San Diego.

I believe design must advance and improve with technology. Much like how a great tool is pointless if not used correctly, design's significance is in crafting meaningful experiences for users that unlocks technology's potentials. More importantly, design has to complement natural human behavior and not offset it.

I am not only constantly curious, but also skeptical about the way things work. I love discovering unique details and get excited in understanding how things work. I have often found there exists problems that need to be fixed, or processes that can be improved.

One important lesson I take to heart is that it is often tempting to look for the one solution to our problems (in design, work, relationships, society, etc.); but there often exists multiple reasons for the problems that we work with, and therefore multiple solutions. In that respect, I do my best to think deeply and broadly.

I am an endless explorer and a lifelong learner. In my former lives, I attempted my own start-ups (Wimsi, Zooqa Graphics); worked in biz dev for a national toy distributor; responded to 911 calls in Los Angeles County as an EMT; led a small team of Marines in an artillery unit. In the future, I hope to create designs that truly matter - that exponentially improve not just our lifestyles; but us, as people.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to reach out.

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